Advising for Humanities Majors/Minors

The Department of Humanities offers advising in-house for Humanities Majors and Minors.

Humanities Program Coordinator - TBA

Please contact for general inquiries:

Rita Quagliara
(Undergraduate Programs Coordinator)
Rm. 203 Vanier College (416-736-2100 ext 33223)

The Department is open each day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm with a staff member available to answer your questions about programs and courses and offer support.

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Humanities Student Association


PRESIDENT = Lilian Al-Radi
OFFICE = 101F Vanier College
OFFICE HOUR = Wednesday 10:00-12:00

VICE PRESIDENT= Nicolas Sanchez
OFFICE = 101F Vanier College




Humanities Honours FW17

Humanities Ordinary FW17

Humanities Spec. Honours FW17

Humanities Honours iBA FW17



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