Undergraduate Program

The Humanities Major provides an opportunity for students to pursue interdisciplinary study relating to the breadth and diversity of human experience, drawing largely but not exclusively from literature, history, philosophy, religion, the arts and related areas. Humanities emphasizes the analysis of cultural texts and practices, and presupposes values that support the dignity and integrity of all human beings.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students are expected to be able to demonstrate

  • knowledge of and appreciation for the creativity and diversity of human experience in a range of cultures relating to different historical and geographical contexts;
  • the capacity to identify the value systems that underlie cultural production, engage the interrelationships between diverse value systems, and approach learning in a way that sustains appreciation for difference;
  • understanding of the role of interdisciplinarity in academic research;
  • the ability to engage in sustained analysis of a range of different literary, visual and other cultural productions;
  • critical thinking, including the capacity to identify and question the assumptions, principles, ideas and values that they themselves, as readers and researchers, bring to the analysis of texts;
  • the ability to present ideas and arguments in a coherent and reasoned manner, both orally and in written works of a scholarly nature;
  • qualities and transferable skills necessary for further study, employment, community involvement and other activities requiring (i) the exercise of initiative, personal responsibility and accountability in both personal and group contexts; (ii) working effectively with others; (iii) decision-making in complex contexts;
  • the ability to manage their own learning in a range of environments;
  • behaviour consistent with academic integrity and social responsibility.

Program Indicators

Students achieve the goals of the major/minor program by completing all the course requirements. Within courses themselves, students are assessed according to the grading practices established by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. Courses increase in difficulty from year 1 to year 4. Before the deadline for withdrawing from courses, students will receive graded feedback on work worth at least 15% of the final grade for Fall Term, Winter Term, or Summer Term courses and 30% for Y Term courses offered in the Fall/Winter session.